Collection: The CLATCH

The CLATCH is a small, grassroots collective of artists and makers who like to "do stuff!" 

We meet occasionally to drink tea and coffee, to talk arts and community service.  We try to support each other and amplify each other.  There is no hierarchy, we're just some folks who like to get together and have fun in the name of community building and creativity.  If this sounds appealing, keep reading!  We are a varied group of all ages, all abilities, and diverse backgrounds.  We currently range in age from 5-70!  We're committed to being a safe an inclusive collective.

In the spring of 2021, The CLATCH began offering community programming with the Moe the Mouse Speech Language and Arts group and Arts on the Go, but ongoing pubic health restrictions and social-emotional impacts of the pandemic forced us to a halt in the fall.  We found a way to come together, outside, in our own cars when we did the inaugural Cowichan Lake Light Up Cruise in December.  We took the remainder of the holidays to spend time with family, and restfully enter the new year.  

The CLATCH later hosted the Spring Picnic and the Craft Crawl, but largely, we're just taking some time to figure out what the CLATCH will look like going forward.  We're going to do a few little things this spring and summer, and we are so grateful to our Cowichan Lake community for their continuous support!

In the past, our events have raised funds and donations for the local food bank, local seniors and other local community initiatives.   If there is a cost for our programming, it is always pay-what-you-can-afford, and our larger community events are always free to attend.  Membership and vendor fees are also totally negotiable.  This is why we run at a loss all the time, but we meet great people!  

Visit our Gallery to see what we've been up to!

The CLATCH will always accept donations of art supplies, and redistribute them to makers and youth at no cost.  

 Our group is somewhat active on

 Are you working on a creative project at Cowichan Lake?  The CLATCH's collective represents a variety of artists and makers including:

Event Planners, Designers, Photographers, Musicians, graphic designers, mural artists, tie dye and fiber artists, furniture refinishers, a vocal coach, music teachers, herbalists, polymer clay artists, bakers, gardeners, beaders, jewelry designers, mixed media visual artists, film and video actors, and more!  From logos to birthday parties, the CLATCH will work with your budget to make your project a success!