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Comfrey and Cinnamon Aches and Pains Rub

Comfrey and Cinnamon Aches and Pains Rub

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Comfrey and Cinnamon Aches and Pains rub quickly surpassed Calendula Balm as our best seller!  Clients returned for seconds and to buy for friends!  Comfrey is traditionally called "knit bone" for its ability to heal bone injuries.  We grow and prepare our own Comfrey and Cinnamon Oil for this salve.  Each batch of oil is dual-processed and then sat for 6-12 months before being blended with organic essential oils and local Cowichan Bee Beeswax.   Use this product sparingly as a massage salve on achey spots. 

Avoid contact with eyes or membranous skin.  Although this product is likely taste-safe, it is spicy, and there are some regulatory concerns about internal use of PA's, a compound found in Comfrey.  For external use only, avoid contact with eyes and wash hands thoroughly after rubbing in.  

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